Learn how to contribute to the Parchain auction of the Manta Network project and the possible ROI of the Investment

Manta Network is a blockchain protocol that aims to provide an on-chain privacy layer for Polkadot’s relay chains and parachains, further promoting Polkadot’s advantage in decentralization and interoperability.

To better interact with our community, Manta will raise the DOT required for the auction through crowdloan.

Manta Network is focused on…

Learn how to contribute to the Moonbeam and the possible ROI of the Investment

Moonbeam is a smart contract platform that provides an Ethereum-compatible environment for building decentralized applications. Moonbeam was designed to serve these new kinds of assets and users that exist across two or more chains and will be the main smart contract platform of the Polkadot universe.

The Moonbeam project is…

Learn how to contribute to the Parchain auction of the Acala team and the possible ROI of the Investment

Acala is the decentralized finance network and liquidity hub of Polkadot. It’s a layer-1 smart contract platform that’s scalable, Ethereum-compatible, and optimized for DeFi with built-in liquidity and ready-made financial applications

The Acala Polkadot Project, older brother of Kusama’s Karura, is one of the most promising and well known projects…

A deep dive into how to participate and an analysis of the top candidates and the possible ROI

Hello dear reader! In this article we are going to go very deep into the Polkadot project parachain auctions, explain what they are, the best ways to participate in them, and the projects that are postulating to become the winners of the first batch of contested parachain slots that start…

1st: The Bitcoin Blockchain, 2nd: Ethereum, 3rd…

Blockchains come in generations. The first generation Blockchain was the Bitcoin Blockchain, native environment of the BTC coin, the worlds largest and most famous cryptocurrency.

Being first generation and the first every practical implementation of a decentralised system like this, the works of the cryptic Satoshi Nakamoto only allowed users…

A core element of the Internet of the Future

What is Semantic Search?

In general, current search engines work using a keyword approach: the specific words you put in are searched for in the content data/metadata and relevant web pages where those keywords appear pop up. This is the basics of Keyword Based Search or Lexical Search.

Semantic Search is a whole different…

The process of Clustering in Unsupervised Machine Learning Explained

Image from Pexels

Hello dear reader, hope everything is well!

In this article we are going to see how a clustering project in Machine Learning should be tackled step by step, from the conceptualisation of the problem to the features that we should consider, the pre-processing that is needed for this kind of…

One of the most important projects of the Blockchain ecosystem explained simply

Polkadot (DOT) is the 9th cryptocurrency by Market Cap, and one of the most interesting and complex projects in the BlockChain ecosystem.

In this article, we will try to explain what it is in very simple terms so that everyone can understand it, leaving aside the technical details and strange…


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